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(8.14) APT Transaction Blocked, Price Fell

This  week, the tungsten market is still weak. Except for long orders, the  overall transaction is less, and there are many factories and factories  waiting to see, especially downstream enterprises, and there is still no  confidence in the market.

Today's  APT offer is 16.3-16.5 million yuan / ton, the manufacturers reflect  that most of the long-term orders, bulk transactions are rarely traded,  the downstream has not yet entered the market, 166,000 yuan is also  difficult to deal.

A  tungsten manufacturer in Jiangxi Province said that the tungsten ore  market has shown signs of stabilization recently. The miners are  reluctant to sell at low prices, which will gradually bring support to  the downstream market. The APT price should be stable at more than  160,000 yuan.

A  tungsten manufacturer in Yunnan said that the two days of buying more  mines, but the price is low, the price of white tungsten above 60  degrees is 96,000 yuan, this price will not be shipped, or the price  will rise to more than 100,000 yuan. Sell.

A  tungsten manufacturer in Jiangxi said that the main downstream demand  in the market is not good, and foreign prices are falling. Everyone has  no confidence, but if the tungsten mine can stabilize first, it will  bring support to the downstream market.

This  week, the market will continue to be weak. Although the APT and powder  markets are not performing well, prices will still fall, but attention  should be paid to the changes in the tungsten market. If it stabilizes,  it will also support the downstream market.

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