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(7.13) APT Market Continues To Operate Weakly

Although  the environmental inspection is temporarily in progress, the APT  factory has resumed production, but the output has not been fully  released, and the enterprises are mostly delivering accumulated orders,  and there is not a large amount of inflows into the market. Therefore,  the supply pressure is not large, but the downstream demand is not good.  The  continued influence of Pan-Asia, the mentality of the upstream and  downstream manufacturers in the market is generally pessimistic, and the  market is worried about the situation, so the price has fallen.

Today's  APT offer is 174.176 million yuan / ton, the manufacturer's offer is  still around 175,000 yuan, but the price of more than 175,000 yuan has  been difficult to deal with, in addition to long orders, the volume of  bulk cargo is also very small.

A  tungsten manufacturer in Jiangxi said that APT is not currently  offering quotations, and the backlog of long stocks will be delivered to  the end of the month, and the output is now average. It is also worried  that the environmental protection team will look back again.

A  tungsten manufacturer in Fujian said that the market has no good news  for the time being, and pessimistic sentiment has spread. Everyone has  no confidence that the market is the most unfavorable, and the price  will continue to fall. APT may fall to the level of 170,000 yuan.

Now  it is difficult for the market to hope that a large amount of demand  will enter the market, and the changes in supply and demand will not be  obvious. The market for inertia will be affected by factors such as  environmental inspection and national storage, so it is cautious and  wait-and-see. The market will not appear.

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