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High Grade Tungsten Mineralization Zone Discovered In Taroko Project, Tungsten Resources, UK

Tungsten  Resources of the United Kingdom recently stated that its advanced  exploration project in Portugal has progressed smoothly. The Taroka  Project has discovered a very high-grade tungsten mineralization zone  and will be R¨¦guamine, which is only 20 kilometers north of the project.  Development provides additional high-grade raw materials.

It  is understood that the British Tungsten Resources Company has  discovered a high-grade tungsten mineralization belt in the 1,515-meter  reserve cyclic drilling conducted by the Tarotka tungsten-tin project. The  one-month RC drilling program includes 29 drill holes with a total  length of 1515m and a finished length between 50m and 70m. Based on the unique mineralisation on the surface, the maximum depth from the surface to the surface is 50 meters. The  company expects to have a complete test result in the third quarter.  The next step will be resource modeling in order to prepare trial mine  applications later this year, and follow-up will begin to apply for  resource estimates and planning for the pilot mines.

¡°The  Reserve Recycling Drilling Program has been completed to confirm the  target exploration area and provide a deeper understanding of several  high-grade skarn lenses with a complex geological history (discontinuous  mineralization).¡± Michael Masterman, Chairman, Tungsten Resources, UK "Taroca  is 20 kilometers away from the Rui Valley and we believe it is possible  to enhance and expand the development of the Rui Valley." Ruigu  Mine is a high-grade tungsten mine. The estimated resources of the  Joint Ore Reserve Committee are 5.46 million tons and the tungsten  content is 0.28%. The mine will start production in 2019 (the tungsten potential is 3,800 tons/year).

The  company said that the reserve recycling drilling rig has successfully  completed 2,000 meters of drilling at the Sao Martinhogold deposit in  central Portugal. The  results of the study provide a clearer understanding of the geological  structure and also provide the possibility for future grade expansion. In  addition, reserve-recycling drilling rigs have now been mobilized to  the Azeiteiroscoppermine and target anomalies, and the company will  complete a 2000-meter reserve-recycling drilling campaign in June and  July.

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