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(6.12) Analysis Of Tungsten Market: Both Supply And Demand Are Not Booming Market Stalemate

Market  opened this week, the market is still a stalemate, the supply side and  the demand side are very light, neither the manufacturers are eager to  ship, no manufacturers are eager to purchase, or that at this time would  like to ship also difficult to sell, want to buy goods The others are hesitant. Therefore, it appears that the supply and demand are very light and lacking vitality in the market.

Tungsten  concentrate continues to be stable, and low-price transactions are  getting less and less, but high prices are still difficult to sell.  Trading and trading space for traders is small. Most businesses maintain  a wait-and-see attitude. At present, 65-degree tungsten ore is about  112,000 tons/ton, and many downstream smelters are still In  the period of production suspension, inventory conversion is not a  product, so there is not much room for taking inventory. At present, the  miners are not very willing to ship, and the capital and inventory  pressure is relatively small. Therefore, they should maintain a  wait-and-see attitude in the short term.

The  APT market is high and stalemate, and there is little release at both  ends of the market supply and demand. Therefore, there are few market  transactions. Yesterday, the transaction price of Guangdong tungsten  enterprises was 183,000 yuan/ton for long single acceptance, and the  bulk market price was 182,000 yuan/ton. However,  most of them are spot transactions. There are very few transactions.  The environmental inspections in Quzhou are still in progress.  Therefore, the manufacturers that stopped production are temporarily  unable to open up, so that the supply gap is retained. With the  depletion of stocks, out-of-stock is generated for downstream  production. The impact will really begin. If it does not start in June, then the market supply will be very problematic.

Tungsten  powder prices remain stable, tungsten carbide offer 280 yuan / kg, the  market gradually entered the off-season, fewer orders, coupled with  difficult price adjustment of the alloy, so we can accept the limited  price, individual manufacturers said that if the powder prices further  increase, the alloy plant either Upward  price adjustment, either stop production and wait, the current stage is  still in stock consumption, if the inventory is exhausted, then the  time is bound to make a choice, but the short-term high stalemate.

In  summary, the supply and demand in the tungsten market are both weak,  and there is insufficient incentive to increase prices. With the support  of environmental protection, the prices of tungsten products will  remain stable, and the market will also enter the off-season. Demand  will gradually decrease, but there is no major imbalance between the  supply and demand sides, so even prices There will be fluctuations and the space will be smaller.

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