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Compound Tungsten Electrode

Multiple-component  composite tungsten electrode is a new generation of green environmental  protection products used to replace radioactive tungsten helium  tungsten electrodes. The  critical arc starting voltage of the electrode is 3.9V lower than that  of the thorium tungsten electrode, and the burning loss is 1.25mg lower  than that of the thorium tungsten electrode. The comprehensive welding  performance is superior to that of the lanthanum tungsten.

Rare earth in the presence of tungsten electrode
Before  discussing the role of rare earth elements in the electrode, we must  first determine the existence of rare earth elements in the tungsten  electrode. To do this, we perform XRD phase analysis of the sintered  compacts of the multiple composite rare earth tungsten electrodes, as  shown in the figure below. Photo of rare earth elements in multiple composite tungsten electrodes
From  the above figure, it can be seen that in the tungsten electrode, rare  earth elements mostly exist in the form of rare earth tungstates or  tungstates, and different rare earth tungstates or tungstates have  different properties. La2O3,  CeO2, Y2O3 react with tungsten at high temperature to form rare earth  tungstates or tungstates. These salts have different physicochemical  properties. The rate of diffusion to the surface and the rate of  evaporation on the surface are different during the operation of the  electrode. The  rational combination of these salts can provide a multi-element  composite rare earth tungsten electrode with the best welding  performance.

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