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In Recent Years, China Has Discovered 20 Major Prospecting Deposits. Zhuxi Tungsten Mine Double Brush Records

In  recent years, China's ore-searching successes have been frequently  reported, adding many world-scale metal and non-metal deposits. The  following list of 20 world-class prospecting discoveries (in no  particular order):

1.  The largest manganese ore deposit in Asia was discovered in Guizhou,  and 192 million tons of manganese ore resources were discovered;

2.  Qinghai discovered China's first deep-pore brine potassium deposit, and  the amount of potassium mineral resources was 150 million tons;

3. Yan'an discovered 100 billion tons of large-scale stone salt mines, and added 11.13 billion tons of stone salt resources;

4.  The ultra-large bauxite mining area was found in the northern part of  Guizhou, and the bauxite reserves exceeded 100 million tons;

5.  Super-large lead-zinc ore was discovered in the Xinjiang Hotan Huoyun,  with a lead and zinc resource of nearly 19 million tons;

6.  Inner Mongolia found the largest single crystalline graphite ore in  China, with graphite resources exceeding 310 million tons;

7.  Large-scale antimony deposits were discovered in the "Zhuzhu" area of  Hubei Province, and the amount of antimony ore resources was estimated  to exceed 1 million tons;

8.  China's first 10 million-ton-grade copper deposit has ¡°appeared¡± in the  Ali area of Tibet, adding 13.39 million tons of copper metal.

9. Henan Haolong discovered ultra-large bauxite, with 240 million tons of bauxite resources;

10.  Jiangxi Fuliang Zhuxi tungsten mine twice set a new world record, and  the amount of tungsten resources increased to 3.443 million tons;

11.  The large-sized rare earth deposits were discovered in Pingnan,  Guangxi, and the amount of rare earth mineral resources exceeded 200  million tons;

12.  Sanshan Island, Laizhou, Shandong Province, China's largest gold mine  was explored, with a total of 550 tons of gold resources;

13.  Super-large antimony-tungsten-tungsten rare metal deposits were found  in the Misadong area of Tibet. The total resources of tungsten, tin,  and antimony exceeded 800,000 tons.

14. Guizhou found a large phosphate rock in Kaiyang, phosphate rock resources exceeding 800 million tons;

15.  The largest conglomerate oilfield in the world is found in the Mahu  Sag, Junggar Basin, with an oil reserve of 1 billion tons;

16. Qinghai has continuously discovered five "100 million tons" oil and gas fields;

17.  The newly discovered large-scale coal resource deposit in Licheng  County, Shanxi Province, with a resource volume of more than 260 million  tons;

18.  Extra-large gold (copper) deposits have been discovered in Katbaaso,  Xinyuan County, Xinjiang, with a gold deposit of 78.73 tons and a copper  of 48,300 tons;

19.  China's most abundant manganese deposits were found in the Orto-Kanches  region of Akto County, Xinjiang, with resources/reserves of 8,865,000  tons;

20. Sichuan Spodumenite super-large mineral reserves of 1,887,700 tons, a valuation of 387.6 billion.

Among  them, Jiangxi Fuliang Zhuxi tungsten mine: In January 2016, Jiangxi  geologists discovered a super-large tungsten-copper ore, Zhuxi tungsten  and copper mine, in Fuliang County. The resources of 333+334 tungsten  trioxide sources amounted to 2.86 million tons. The  world record for tungsten mineral resources has become the largest  amount of tungsten and copper found in the world. Its resources are 2.7  times that of the largest tungsten mine in the world, the Dahutang  Tungsten Mine. This  is another world-class super-large tungsten and copper mine identified  by Jiangxi Province after identifying the large tungsten deposits in  Dahutang, northern Jiangxi Province.

On  March 1st, 2017, the Central Geological Survey Fund Management Center  of the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of  Geology and Mineral Exploration, took charge of the survey report of the  Baishuwu Copper Polymetallic Deposit in Tongwu County, Leping City,  Fuliang County, Jiangxi Province. The assessment results confirmed that the newly added tungsten trioxide resource in the Zhuxi tungsten mine was 578,500 tons. This  marks Zhuxi Tungsten Mine, the world¡¯s largest tungsten mine so far,  ¡°20% long,¡± and the amount of tungsten trioxide resources has increased  from 2.86 million tons to 3,443,300 tons, once again refreshing the  world of tungsten ore reserves. Record.

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