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(5.23) Analysis Of Tungsten City: Supply Of APT Remains Insufficient Tungsten Market Stalemate

This  week's market conditions began with a high level of stalemate. Market  supply and demand are tight at both ends, especially as APT, which is an  intermediate supply material, is still in short supply. In this case,  APT prices have remained at a high level, but The  higher the price is, the higher the risk is. It means that the  manufacturers' view on the market has also changed and the purchase has  become very cautious. Therefore, the actual market volume is not large.

The  domestic tungsten ore market remained weak and the market was still  very light. The 65-degree black tungsten was 111,000 tons/ton, and there  were fewer transactions available for reference. Since  some smelters in the Ganzhou region are still shutting down, there is  no room for the consumption of tungsten concentrates. The smelter stocks  are relatively abundant, so the willingness to purchase is not strong,  the miners are blocked from shipping, and low-priced shipments have no  profit, and even if The  downward adjustment of prices may not be able to sell. In the event  that circulation is hindered and the profit margins are narrowed, the  intention of the miners to start shipping also begins to weaken.

The  APT market is high and stale. The supply of goods in the market,  especially the spot supply is still tight, and the price has risen to  the threshold of 180,000 yuan per ton. Breakthrough difficulty has  increased, and the cessation of smelter production in the Ganzhou region  still brings greater support to prices. It is understood that At  present, except for normal production at the smelters in Dayu and  Chongyi, most of the smelters in Ganzhou are still shutting down. The  market supply is insufficient and the back-end demand is not strong. As  the prices become higher and higher, buyers are worried. Also  increased, so the purchase began to be cautious, will not enter the  market a large number of inquiries in the short term, the market will  still be the main high-end stalemate.

Tungsten  powder market maintained high, the original tungsten carbide powder  offer 276-280 yuan / kg, the manufacturers offer basically reached 280  yuan / kg, but the price of the mark seems difficult to break through,  the last time the price of tungsten carbide powder exceeded 280 yuan /  kg It  also dates back to September last year, but at that time, the price did  not stay too much at 280 yuan/kg, and the price began to fall back  after only maintaining the price for a week or so. However, the  adjustment of powder prices was more gradual and moderate, although the  transaction was not More, but the price can still be maintained for some time. The  back-end alloy factory orders are general, there is not much ups and  downs, powder prices are still maintained by the APT in the short term,  at least so far have not received support from the demand side.

In  summary, tungsten ore shipments have been significantly reduced this  week, and the market trend has slowed down significantly. The price  increase has thus far been at a relatively high level in the past two  years. Therefore, manufacturers will not risk taking too many  operations, and the market will maintain this high level of stalemate. The start-up of regional smelters is still the main factor affecting the market.

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