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Soft Specification Welding Parameters Improve The Quality Of Tungsten Electrode Welding

Soft specification refers to a small welding current, welding slower specification parameters. Austenitic  stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, nickel-based  heat-resistant alloy material at the same thickness welding  specification parameters used in the engine bay compared with our common  parameters, 1 to 2 times the current small, low welding speed 2 ~ 3 times. According to trial experience, we feel that the advantages of soft specification are:

(1) weld appearance and good cross-sectional shape.

Because  the molten metal flow and solidification process has a time,  particularly on the use of metal to achieve thermal conductivity to be  welded at the entire section is heated and melted tungsten electrode  welding method is especially so. The above process have a direct impact weld forming another special adapter is sleek and the base metal. The soft specification parameters coupled with the groove width larger  weld plate, it will be conducive to fully carry out these processes,  which can give a smooth surface and a smooth transfer base material, and  the positive and negative close to the weld width.

(2) in favor of the weld puddle and protection.

Due to the large welding speed, argon drift back large bath difficult to get good gas protection weld oxidation.After the oxidation of the metal flow deteriorated, affecting the weld, defects. Soft specifications for low welding speed of this malady can be  avoided to improve the protective effect of the gas and weld quality.

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