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Tungsten Electrode Technical Development

PVD  technology to develop the types of ceramic dura mater, including  titanium nitride, titanium carbonitride, titanium carbide, alumina,  diamond-like film and titanium nitride and so on. Such  ceramic dural is currently applied to the tool or die, not only can  improve the wear resistance of the tool surface, and without losing the  toughness of metal substrates. With the recent breakthroughs in machine tool technology, cutting  has been moving toward high-speed, in order to shorten the cutting time  and improve the workpiece surface accuracy.

 "The  current trend of machine tools for high-speed, high precision and high  quality." High-speed operation of the mold, cutting tools, mechanical  parts, surface treatment requirements are also getting higher and  higher. Extend the service life, reduce production costs and create higher profits, is the common goal of the industry.

 In  order to meet the high-speed processing, a large number of processing  time and cost savings, tool improvement has become an important factor. Tungsten carbide tool for a higher wear resistance and hardness, increasing the proportion of the tool market.

In  order to obtain the best benefit, we must choose the appropriate  surface treatment. The middle and heavy duty molds should adopt CVD  high-temperature titanium plating, supplemented by precision vacuum heat  treatment, in order to reach the acceptable deformation. This part is commonly used in cold forging die, hydraulic pumping die, tungsten carbide pumping line, pumping tube. In the middle, low load or precision requirements of the tool,  mold and mechanical parts of the application, the low temperature (150 ”ę  ~ 500 ”ę) PVD titanium plating is more appropriate.

High aluminum content of aluminum nitride titanium is easy in the hard surface of the formation of alumina. This  layer of oxide film can make titanium nitride ceramic hard film  oxidation temperature of 923 degrees Celsius, tungsten carbide cutting  tool to protect the high-speed cutting edge oxidation resistance and  maintain high temperature hardness. However,  titanium nitride and titanium carbonitride, although at high  temperatures will also produce titanium oxide film, but it is not easy  to adhere to the dural and with the chip peel, so that dura lack of  protection, rapid oxidation and degradation. Therefore, regardless of high temperature or low temperature  coating surface treatment must choose the appropriate substrate and  stable heat treatment, supplemented by the surface of fine grinding fine  polishing of the pre-treatment, in order to attain perfection.

Due  to the combination of high strength, short production cycle, low  processing costs, especially in the grinding tool edge is not easy to  cause chipping, and in accordance with the requirements of the use of  the grinding wheel, Grinding into a variety of complex shapes of grinding wheel, so the production is still widely used in the long term. How to further improve the grinding performance of such grinding wheel, has also become an important work.

With  the rapid development of tool design, manufacture and application  technology, and the increasing of tool output, the ultra-high  temperature resin bonded diamond grinding wheel can not fully meet the  requirements of mass production tool, and its quantity and quality still  have room for further development. . To  this end, the Shanghai Zhongyu company is further study how to improve  the grinding performance of this wheel, especially for the wear  resistance of binder, binder and diamond abrasive strength and  self-sharpening and so a large number of experimental studies, made A great progress. The  results show that the grinding wheel efficiency can be improved by  about 20%, and the wheel life can be improved by about 50%.

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