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Tungsten Electrode Raw Material Market

The  recent tungsten market into a wait-and-see attitude, although the State  Reserve Bureau of purchasing and storage in the former, the market  confidence to be supported, but this year has been 5 Shouchu, the market  for real benefits of cooling, although the purchasing and storage  prices much higher than market prices, but The reserves for the internal standard of the enterprise stock, the  spot market supply and demand has little effect on the status quo.

Yesterday  evening, a tungsten tungsten enterprises in Jiangxi plans 74,000 yuan /  ton to buy tungsten concentrate, it is understood that the tungsten  acquisition of tungsten for the production of normal procurement and the  earlier State Reserve Bureau tender black tungsten concentrate  stocking. Today,  another domestic listed tungsten prices will open in December the  second half of the APT long single plan, the market will have a certain  impact. Spot,  the Hunan region more than 60 degrees Scheel transaction price of  71,000 yuan / standard ton, wool, Jiangxi mainstream smelting business  orders for 0.97-0.98 yuan / kg, 1 yuan / kg of orders or some difficult.  Jiangxi APT cash transaction price of most of the 109,000 yuan /  standard tons, 110,000 yuan / ton or more turnover is still small.

Tungsten  market continued stalemate, on the one hand is strong raw material  companies, on the other hand is the weak end-market demand is expected  to support large-scale tungsten later power, raw materials side will not  be lax, tungsten market steady firm.

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