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Zirconium Tungsten Electrode WZr From Maike Tungsten Electrode

Zirconium- Tungsten Electrode boasts a fine performance in welding under the condition of AC and has a good anti-corrosiveness. Especially in the case of high load of current ,the Zirconium- Tungsten excellent performance is far better than that of other electrodes. 

When welded ,the end of zirconium- Tungsten Electrode remains pellet-shaped,reducing the chance of tungsten oozing .It is suitable for welding magnesium,aluminium and their alloy under alternating current.

We can provide you WZ3 and WZ8,from 1.0mm to 10.0mm,main in 1.6mm,2.0mm,2.4mm,3.2mm.

Lengh is 150mm and 175mm.

Of course,you can tell us your size.Shandong Maike Non-ferrous Metal Technology Co.,Ltd as one of the professional TIG Tungsten electrodes manufacturers,we hold the most advanced production equipments and test machines, to produce the raw material by ourselves.So our Tungsten price is more advantage in the market. also owns a larger output compared with other suppliers.

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