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Tungsten Products--Maike Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten products refers to the tungsten ore as the basic raw material and the production of various types of products. Tungsten products can be divided into tungsten ore, tungstate, tungsten powder, pure tungsten products, tungsten alloy, cemented carbide, tungsten other derivative products.


Tungsten powder products are pure tungsten powder (tungsten powder), tungsten carbide powder, and in the two powder added to other elements of the alloy powder and for the production of anti-dropping tungsten tungsten powder doped tungsten powder.


Pure tungsten products mainly refers to the pure tungsten raw materials made of various shapes of tungsten material, including the purity of each level and to the specifications of the shape of pure tungsten sintering, forging, melting of the strip, block, plate tungsten products.

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In addition, tungsten-based carbide, high specific gravity alloy, tungsten copper alloy, tungsten silver material, tungsten and rare earth alloys are collectively referred to as tungsten products.

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