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Analysis Of Tungsten City: More Than Half Of ”°Golden Nine”± Demand Has Not Yet Arrived

Halfway  through September, the demand for tungsten is still not strong.  Although the market price remains unchanged, the actual transaction  volume is very small. Therefore, the manufacturers have no confidence in  the market in the second half of September. After this week, Mid-Autumn  Festival holiday, after the small holiday is the National Day holiday,  so in this period of time, there is not much time available for market  reaction, so whether the market demand can enter the market in a limited  time needs attention.

The  tungsten ore market is relatively calm, the price of the mine is  basically unchanged, and the attitude of the tungsten miners is very  clear. If there is no financial pressure, the manufacturer will not sell  at a lower price than the market price, but it is difficult to drive  the sale above the market price. Due  to the compression of profit margins of downstream products, the market  trend is unclear, and the intention of downstream manufacturers to  stock up is not high. At present, the transaction price of tungsten  concentrates around 65 degrees is maintained at 9.9-100,000/ton, and the  turnover is less.

The  APT price is about 158,000 yuan / ton, the transaction of 158,000 yuan /  ton or more is very difficult, the market price of 15.6-15.7 million  yuan / ton also appeared, but the transaction volume is very small, due  to the current price of APT and tungsten concentrate The  price difference between the prices is already very small, so the price  of the price is limited. Unless there is financial pressure, the  smelter will not sell the same, and like the mine, the APT is in normal  production, and the difficulty in selling the goods means that the  inventory is constantly backlogged. Over time, it will put a lot of pressure on the market.

The  tungsten powder market is also very calm. The orders of the alloy  factory and the powder factory are still relatively small. The orders  are small, which makes the manufacturers buy goods ”°heartless”±. At  present, the price of tungsten carbide is around 250 yuan/kg, and the  price is 248-251 yuan/kg. In the short term, the powder market is still weak and stagnant, waiting for demand to pick up.

In  summary, this week's market or the last week's market, stable but  stalemate, supply and demand are not prosperous, manufacturers should  also be on the sidelines, the price of long-term companies need to pay  attention.

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