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Tungsten City Analysis: Market Stalemate Monthly Supply And Demand

At  the end of the week, the tungsten market has stagnated in the strength  of the source tungsten mine. There is no waiting for the terminal  demand. The source is loose and the demand of the terminal does not know  which one will come first. Counting this week, the market downturn has  been two and a half months. Time  is up, such a low market situation has exceeded the low season, and the  manufacturers are more worried that there is still no sign of  improvement, so many market participants do not have much confidence in  the market outlook, no orders come in, purchase The  willingness to buy raw materials will naturally not increase, and the  future situation is complicated and full of unknowns. In order to seek  the safest mode of operation, manufacturers only have to stand still and  wait for the road ahead to be clear.

In  recent days, the tungsten ore market has been stable and the price has  been firmer. This has also provided support to the entire downstream  market, and it is the only support. At present, the transaction price of  tungsten concentrates around 65 degrees is maintained at  9.9-100,000/ton. The  mine is subject to the cost of mining, so if the funds are not tight,  the willingness to sell is low. In the process of the market decline in  the first two months, many miners have produced a considerable amount of  goods, and the financial pressure is not strong. problem. Downstream  manufacturers purchase on-demand, worry about the market outlook,  manufacturers do not dare to take a large number of orders, and both  manufacturers and traders to buy as little as possible, raw material  inventory reserves are relatively low, the tungsten ore market will  still be short-term The stalemate is dominated.

The  APT market is relatively small. The APT price is around 158,000  yuan/ton. It is very difficult to sell more than 158,000 yuan/ton.  Buyers will try to lower the price to below 158,000 yuan/ton. The price  of the smelter is lower than this price. The  intention of shipment is not high, so the market of APT is relatively  stale, it is difficult to sell at a high price, and it is difficult to  buy at a low price. However, as time goes on, if the demand side is  still delayed, the pressure on the APT market will be very high. Big,  after all, the production of smelters is continuing, and the inventory  will gradually be backlogged, so the next demand situation is very  crucial.

The  tungsten powder market is also very calm. At present, the price of  tungsten carbide is around 250 yuan/kg, and the price is 248-251  yuan/kg. In the short term, the powder market is still weak and  stagnant, waiting for demand to pick up. The  orders of alloy factories and powder factories are still relatively  small. The orders are small, which means that manufacturers will not  purchase raw materials for inventory. This network survey has learned  more than ten powder alloy enterprises, and there is no shortage of  orders outside the list. Look,  the lack of orders in July and September was caused by many reasons.  First, the demand in the first half of the year was strong and  overdrafted in the second half of the year. Secondly, the market was  indeed in the off-season of demand, and the need was also reduced. Then  the trade war was on the mentality of the manufacturers. Impacts,  concerns about future market uncertainty, make the market very cautious  from source to terminal, thus affecting procurement and sales behavior.

      Over  time, the impact of demand overdrafts will be weakened in the first  half of the year, the inventory of terminal manufacturers will be  consumed, and demand will be accumulated, and the impact of trade wars  on the market has already been the case. Further influence will be  generated in real After  the tariff increase, the back-end market is not without opportunities,  but the market needs to wait for the opportunity, but at this time it  will test the strength of the source, the market is accompanied by  pressure, the short-term market supply and demand are not prosperous,  the weak stalemate is still the main epidemic .

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