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(8.28) Analysis Of Tungsten City: Tungsten Mine Price Temporary Stability Backend Demand Has Not Entered

At  the beginning of the week, the tungsten market trend was relatively  stable. The source tungsten concentrate market was temporarily stable,  the transaction was relatively small, the powder price was slightly  lowered, and the price difference between the powder price and its raw  material price was gradually narrowing. The demand for the back end was  still not good. Most  manufacturers are waiting to see, operate cautiously, buy goods on  demand, so the market as a whole does not have much change.

At  the beginning of the week, the turnover of tungsten mines was quite  small. It is difficult for downstream manufacturers to get goods at low  prices. The miners are still reluctant to sell their minds. However, it  is very difficult to sell them at high prices. Buyers either purchase at  a reduced price or purchase them on demand or temporarily wait and see.  At  present, the price of 65-degree tungsten ore is 9.8-9.9 million/ton,  and the price of 55-grade tungsten ore is 9.6-9.7 million yuan/ton. The  price change is very small in the past half-month, there is no room for  price drop, but there is no room for it. There is no incentive to raise prices.

The  APT market has not changed much. The market price is around 160,000  yuan/ton. The price above 160,000 yuan/ton is not good for sale. The  price below 160,000 yuan/ton is also sold, but the transaction volume is  not large. There  is still a price difference between tungsten concentrate and APT, so  the purchase of downstream enterprises is still under pressure, and the  price of APT is also slightly adjusted downward. However, as the market  price further declines, the market trend of APT is more and more  gradual, and most of the smelters Will be based on wait and see, waiting for demand to enter.

The  price of tungsten powder continued to decrease, and the price  difference between the price of powder and raw materials further  narrowed. The price of tungsten carbide fell below 255 yuan/kg, and the  mainstream price was 253-255 yuan/kg. However, the market price is still  chaotic, 250-255. The  price between RMB/kg is regarded as the normal price. The purchasing  strategy of the downstream buyers remains unchanged. It is still  on-demand purchase. How much to buy, the inventory is not too much. In  the short term, the trend of the powder market will be relatively flat  and the price will fall. The space is getting narrower and narrower.

In  summary, the market changed very little at the beginning of the week.  Most of the manufacturers are mainly on the sidelines. The outlook for  the market outlook is still not optimistic. Now there are not many raw  materials in the upstream and downstream manufacturers, so there is also  the need and possibility of replenishing the goods at any time. Near  the end, the attention of the manufacturers will turn to September, the  market operation will be few, and the market changes will be relatively  small.

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