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(8.14) Tungsten City Analysis: Terminal Demand Is Light, Market Stabilization Is Difficult

The  market opened this week, the tungsten market basically continued the  weak market last week. Although the tungsten mine has a slight increase  in the inquiry, there are not many people who actually buy the goods.  The support for the market is limited, and the APT and tungsten powder  markets continue. Downstream,  from the order of the powder and its back-end orders, the terminal  demand is somewhat light, there is no positive factor to support, the  market is difficult to stabilize.

There  are some subtle changes in the tungsten ore market. When the price  falls back to the present level, most miners are reluctant to continue  to ship, and many traders have less inventory and have the intention to  replenish. The tentative inquiry has The  increase, but because the market is full of uncertainties, so I dare  not rush to buy goods, and now the price of tungsten concentrate (black  tungsten standard) is around 100,000 yuan / ton, the actual trading is  very small, tentative Finding orders and waiting and seeing are the most important operating methods of the current manufacturers.

APT  market price has slightly moved down, the market turnover is not much,  the transaction price has dropped back to about 163,000 yuan / ton, if  the downstream is interested in buying goods, the price will be lower,  so the price of APT goes straight to 160,000 yuan / Tons  of customs, due to the poor demand of APT, and the price of APT and  tungsten concentrate still have a certain price difference, so even if  the downstream purchase, it will try to reduce the price, the low demand  and a small amount of low-priced transactions bring great to the  market. Downside pressure, however, as the price is approaching around 160,000 yuan / ton, the market trend will be more gradual.

The  price of tungsten powder dropped, the price of tungsten carbide fell  back to 260 yuan / kg, the market price was 263 yuan / kg, the lower  price was 258 yuan / kg, a small amount of transactions in this price  range, regardless of the price level, the market orders are The  same light, downstream manufacturers' own products are also reducing  orders, inventory digestion is slow, coupled with many uncertain factors  in the market, resulting in low-purchasing intentions of downstream  manufacturers, in addition to the materials that must be bought, few  manufacturers will At this time, the pressure on the downside of the powder price is still there, and the market lacks strong support.

The  market demand is weak. From the feedback of powder and its back alloy  manufacturers, it is difficult for the market to get support from the  demand side in the short term. Therefore, it is still difficult to  stabilize the market. In the short term, the market is under pressure  due to the sluggish demand.

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