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(8.6) Tungsten City Analysis: Wait And See Atmosphere Is Strong Waiting For Tungsten Long List

In  July, the market ended, the tungsten market continued its weak decline  in July, and the prices of various tungsten products all declined.  Although the manufacturers have been psychologically prepared for this  weak market in July and August, the price decline has exceeded Many  people expect that the price of tungsten concentrate, especially from  the highest level of 15,000 yuan / ton in the first half of the year,  has dropped by 102,000 yuan / ton (black tungsten standard mine),  falling below the threshold of 100,000 yuan / ton. It is not impossible.
The  price of APT has also continued to decline. The low price has reached  the threshold of 165,000 yuan/ton. However, unlike tungsten concentrate,  there are not many spot resources in the smelter. Some stocks have been  consumed in May and June, and they are still owed. Some  long orders, so there is not much spot inflow into the market, smelters  are not in a hurry to take orders, downstream manufacturers are not in a  hurry to buy goods, even if the downstream manufacturers purchase, most  of them are mainly spot, the spot price Still in the 16.6-16.7 million / ton, the price will be lower when the futures.
The  market price of tungsten powder is quite chaotic. The price of tungsten  carbide ranges from 260-267 yuan/kg, the price of tungsten powder is  265-270 yuan/kg, and the price of large powder factory is maintained at  265-267 yuan/kg. Manufacturers quoted at around 260 yuan / kg more than cash transactions.
At  present, the market still has no signs of stabilizing. July and August  are the traditional off-season of the market. It is normal for demand to  decrease. However, this year's light market seems to be more intense.  The factors that lead to this situation are superimposed, even if there  is no such thing as Pan Asia. With  the stimulation of such factors as the trade war, the market will also  be in the downtrend channel, but the magnitude of the decline may be  relatively small. The current market lacks favorable factors to support,  the market has no incentive to boost confidence, and the market is  short-selling. Still  accounting for more, in early August, manufacturers generally routinely  wait and see, the price of long-term tungsten enterprises needs  attention.

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