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(8.3) Tungsten City Analysis: How Long Will It Take To Stabilize The Market?

The  tungsten market was weakly weak throughout July, and the decline of  various tungsten products was larger than many people expected. At  present, there are still no signs of stabilizing. Many negative factors  appear in the off-season in July and August, so that the original The  market with no vitality is more deadly. The Sino-US trade war has signs  of upgrading. For tungsten products, the road to the market is  difficult to predict. Most of the manufacturers are not optimistic about  the market outlook. The market confidence is insufficient and the weak  market is not declining.

The  tungsten ore market continues to be under pressure. Most miners are not  very interested in shipping, and they know that it is very difficult to  ship at this time. Therefore, they all maintain a wait-and-see  attitude, but for some low-cost mining companies. In  other words, the market outlook is difficult to predict. At this time,  shipments can also reduce risks. Therefore, there are always low-priced  transactions in the market. The price of tungsten sand without tax falls  to 1.37-1.38 yuan, and the price of black tungsten standard is About 102,000 yuan / standard tons, rushed to the threshold of 100,000 yuan / ton.

Like  the tungsten mine market, the price of APT has continued to decline.  The low price has reached the threshold of 165,000 yuan / ton. However,  unlike tungsten concentrate, there are not many spot resources in the  smelter, and the spot available for sale is limited. Most  of the manufacturers' purchases are mainly spot-based. If the futures,  the price will be very low, and the manufacturers in the market will try  to digest the stocks as much as possible, and delay the purchase time  to wait for opportunities. Therefore, the price trend of APT is still  better than that of tungsten concentrates. Flat,  but the current market lacks favorable support. The weak market  continued to be eased in August. However, the negative factors are still  affecting the market. Therefore, the follow-up trend of the APT market  is still weak. There will be several long-term quotations for  large-scale tungsten enterprises in the past two weeks. Need to pay attention in time.

The  market price of tungsten powder is quite chaotic. The price of tungsten  carbide ranges from 260-267 yuan/kg. The price of large powder factory  is maintained at 265-267 yuan/kg. However, regardless of the price,  market orders are very limited, and the market is in the off-season. In  addition, the downstream manufacturers look at the hollow state, so  that downstream manufacturers will not enter the market for stocking  even if they have purchasing demand. Therefore, the market volume is  very limited. In the short term, this state will continue and the market  will be under pressure.

The  factors that cause the market's weakness are superimposed, and even  without the stimulus of factors such as pan-Asian and trade wars, the  market will be in the downtrend channel, but the decline may be smaller  because the market is relatively in June. The  state of high position has a certain space for decline, and since June,  the market has entered the low season of demand, the orders for alloys  and powders have been significantly reduced, the domestic consumption is  off season, the summer market is closed, and the environmental  inspection in Zhangzhou area is over, the smelters are discontinued. Basically  all returned to normal, supply increased relatively, and demand  decreased, which caused a short-term imbalance between supply and demand  in the market. In the short-term, it is difficult to enter the market,  the market is still under downward pressure.

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