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(7.13) Analysis Of Tungsten City: The Spread Of Weak Market Is Difficult To Find In The Market

This  week, the tungsten market was weak and the price of tungsten in the  main raw materials was lowered to varying degrees. The weak market in  the off-season spread and the trading was very small. At present, the  market has not found a strong support point. Most of the manufacturers  are short-selling, so basically They are mainly on the sidelines, with less practical operations.

The  price of tungsten ore has further declined, and the supply of goods in  the market caused by the weak market is oversupply. At this time, the  downstream buyers are not interested in taking over the tungsten ore,  and because of the inventory and funds, plus buy and not buy The  market mentality of falling, and generally few manufacturers continue  to buy, the current price of 60-degree tungsten sand does not fall to  1.46 yuan, while the price of black tungsten standard mine goes straight  to the 105,000 yuan / ton mark, but with As  the price declines, the manufacturers' profits are reduced, the capital  pressure is eased, the manufacturers' willingness to sell will also  decrease, and the market trend will become more and more gradual.

In  the past two days, the APT market has not changed much, and it is still  in a weak state. It is stable compared with the mine and powder market.  The main reason is that APT's spot supply is still relatively small,  most smelters have less inventory, and low-cost inventory has already  been consumed. This  makes the market no APT sell-off, and downstream buyers will not be in a  hurry to enter the market at this time. The transaction price can be  limited. The price of APT can be maintained for a short time, but the  market is difficult to change. The  downstream inquiries will also be as low as possible, so the price of  around 175,000 yuan / ton is not a safe area, but under the circumstance  of many negative factors, the APT market is still under a lot of  downward pressure.

In  the past two days, the market price of tungsten powder has dropped  slightly. The price of tungsten carbide has come below 275 yuan/kg, and  275 yuan/kg has been regarded as a high price in the market. During this  period, orders for powder alloys are relatively small, and the market  in the off-season is very obvious. Most  alloy and product manufacturers are either digesting their own stocks,  or how much they buy, not long-term preparations, and wait and see to  become the mainstream mentality of everyone. In the short term, the  powder market will still be dominated by weakness.

Summary,  this week's end, the market is weak, and the price is down slightly.  This is expected by most manufacturers, so the manufacturers are also  very psychologically prepared and the operation is more rational. In the  short term, this weak market should continue.

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