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Analysis Of Tungsten City: Weak Start In July

July  was the end of the first half of the market. However, the weak market  conditions have not yet ended. It may have only just begun. July and  August are the traditional low season for domestic and foreign demand.  Purchasers will also try to delay purchase time. The entire market looks a bit weak.

Tungsten  ore market is still weak, prices have no obvious changes, tungsten  concentrate consumption is still slow, manufacturers selling the  difficulty is still relatively large, because there is not much demand  to enter, the market is also very few transactions, week early tungsten  grade 55 grade black and white The  long-term price of tungsten concentrate is 11.15.125 million  yuan/standard ton (acceptance draft), and the market price (65-grade  black tungsten) is more than 111,000 yuan/standard ton. If the  downstream is received, the price will be lower. .

The  price of APT has been running at a high level throughout June, with an  average price of over 178,000 yuan/ton. The average price in June last  year was only 127,000 yuan, and the price rose by more than 50,000  yuan/ton. In July last year, the whole market In  the mine, the next step is to triumph, it can be said that the  off-season is not weak, and in July this year, it is foreseeable that  APT prices will fall. The  recent quotation is around 180,000 yuan / ton, but it is actually  difficult to reach this price in the course of operation. The market  price has dropped back to 180,000 yuan / ton, and there are a small  number of transactions from 178 to 179,000 yuan / ton. The  spot transaction is mainly because the market has a large number of  transactions, so the price that can be referenced is very limited. The  long-term quotation of a large tungsten enterprise at the beginning of  the week is an acceptance bill of 181,500 yuan/ton, and the long-term  price of the past two weeks. They  are 17.7 and 178,000 yuan/ton respectively, which is basically the same  as the price in the first half of the month. The follow-up market price  will be around the long-term price. There will still be a long-term  quotation of the tungsten enterprise this week.

This  week, the smelter in Zhangzhou area will resume production as  scheduled, and it needs attention. In fact, the treatment of smelting  waste residue has not been completely solved. Most smelters deposit  waste residue into the warehouse, which is undoubtedly for production. There are certain restrictions on production. If  the smelter can start production normally, it will undoubtedly ease the  pressure of tight supply and relieve the pressure of tungsten  concentrate shipments, but this effect is not obvious in the short term,  and if the back-end demand is still weak, then the supply side Stress relief will cause a short-term imbalance between supply and demand. It  is expected that there will be no major changes in the market trend  this week. The weak position is still the main trend. In the market, it  is difficult to open the transaction situation. The price of the Ganzhou  Tungsten Association and the long-term prices of several large tungsten  enterprises are particularly important. .

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