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Tungsten Market Analysis: The Arrival Of The Off-Season Market Stagnation

The  tungsten market entered an off-season, not only has its demand  decreased, its supply has also decreased, and its market performance has  been very stale. Apart from long-term trading in the past two days, few  transactions have taken place. The impact of environmental protection  inspections remains, and smelter production is limited. This is the most powerful support and the only support for APT prices.

Tungsten  ore market deserted atmosphere, downstream manufacturers had sufficient  inventory, wait-and-see sentiment was relatively strong, smelter  production was limited, resulting in slower consumption of tungsten  concentrate, and the lack of multiple APTs resulted in tungsten  concentrate prices being difficult to increase further. At  present, the 65-degree black tungsten trading price is 112,000  yuan/ton, and the market conditions are somewhat depressed. The miner's  offer is still firm, and the willingness to cut sales prices is not  strong. It is expected that the ore price will continue to remain  unchanged tomorrow.

The  APT market has not changed much. The smelters that had stopped  production in the Shuozhou region are still shutting down production.  However, from the perspective of the smelters, the intention of the  manufacturers to restart production is very strong, and the time for  resumption of production is getting closer and closer. The  APT long-term quotes of the enterprises are all the same as last time.  The price is between 177.7 and 178,000 yuan per ton. The bulk market is  rarely traded. The APT continues to rise and lacks momentum. However,  the spot shortage still supports price stability, and it is 180,000  yuan. Ton  is still a watershed, high prices are difficult to sell, and it is more  difficult to buy goods at low prices, so APT prices will remain  stalemate at high levels in the short term. In  addition to the impact of environmental protection on smelters, sodium  tungstate producers have also been affected to a large extent. The  concentration of sodium tungstate producers in Jiangsu Province has  ceased production in large areas. However, downstream companies have  also entered a state of suspension of production and rectification, so  price changes are not Big.

Tungsten  powder market conditions are generally, powder plant orders are not  very satisfactory, on the one hand the market has entered the  off-season, the demand decreases, on the other hand the price of powder  has exceeded the expectations of downstream manufacturers, so most of  the downstream manufacturers are mainly to consume inventory, make up If  it is used alone, it should be used to make up for it. The price of  tungsten carbide is maintained at around 280 yuan/kg. In the short term,  the market will still be dominated by high levels of stagnation.

In  summary, the prices of major tungsten products remain basically  unchanged, but the market with price-free market is very obvious. Under  the circumstances that the smelters have not yet been opened up, the  market may not have undergone any major changes. Environmental  protection issues are still the focus of recent attention.

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