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Tungsten Market Today

The  domestic tungsten price remained stable and the stalemate remained  stable. The fundamentals of the market did not change much. The overall  supply remained stagnant at the tungsten mine, while the demand side  remained cautiously buying, the supply and demand were weak, and the new  round of institutions and large companies guided price adjustments. The  rate is relatively conservative relative to the current market price,  and the short-term tungsten market continues to maintain its stable  state.

According  to the news, the average tungsten price forecast for the Tungsten  Association of Zhangzhou in June 2018 was: tungsten wolfram concentrate  111,500 yuan/ton, down by 1,000 yuan/ton from the previous month; APT  178,000 yuan/ton, up from the previous month. 5000 yuan / ton; tungsten powder in the 280 yuan / kg, up 5 yuan / kg from the previous month.

In  the tungsten concentrate market, it is difficult for downstream  factories to return to work, and the market supply and demand pressure  is still evident. However, due to the impact of environmental  protection, the miners themselves have higher costs for restocking their  warehouses. Coupled with the optimistic expectations for the factory  demand after the market recovery, traders are now relatively quiet. The price volatility will be low, and tungsten concentrate prices will remain at around 112,000 yuan/ton.

In  the APT market, the central environmental inspector ”°see back”± action  delayed the renewal of the smelter, and the market supply shortage was  difficult to fade. After the APT price rose in May, the recent  quotations tended to be stable, due to lack of demand-side support, and  the atmosphere of market trading was light. Suppress the market adjustment rate, the business inquiry is more cautious.

In  the tungsten powder market, the back-end companies have weak  acceptability for high-priced raw materials, and the demand side is  still under pressure. After the price of tungsten powder has risen to  280 yuan/kg high with cost support, it appears that some successors are  weak and the number of new orders is small. Traders cautiously wait and see mood.

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