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Tungsten Market Today

Last  week, Chongyi Tungsten Tungsten announced a single quotation for the  second half of April 2018: tungsten wolfram concentrate (WO3 ≥ 65%) RMB  109,000/t; scheelite concentrate (WO3 ≥ 65%) RMB 107.5 million / Standard tons; ammonium paratungstate (national standard zero) 169,900 yuan / ton. Both are flat with the long-term single quotes for the first half of the month.

At  present, the domestic tungsten market maintains the supply-demand game  situation, holding the willingness of dealers to decline, the quotations  tend to be firm, the factory's low-cost supply is relatively difficult  to find, buyers are more conservative to cover their stocks, although  the number of partial inquiries increases, but the back-end demand still  performance Sluggishness, coupled with the  long-term single-price prices of large companies, the market as a whole  lack of trend guidelines, buyers and sellers psychological price  differences, the overall hesitant pre-judgment, the short-term operation  to maintain a wait-and-see stability operation, tungsten prices are  difficult to fluctuate.

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