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Heat Treatment Method Of Welding Consumables

The welding rod and flux shall be placed in a dedicated storeroom with ventilation, drying and room temperature not less than 5 ”ę, with the custody, baking and distribution of personnel. And should be timely to make a good test temperature and electrode distribution records. Baking temperature and time should be strictly according to the manufacturer's specification. After baking the electrode should be kept in the thermostat box of 1,001,150 C, the medicine skin should have no shedding and obvious crack.Welding Consumables 

On-site use of the electrode should be installed in the insulation, the electrode in the insulation tube in the time should not exceed 4H, more than after, should be baked again, repeat baking times should not exceed 2 times. If the flux in submerged arc welding is mixed, the flux shall be cleaned or replaced.Welding Consumables

The joint is composed of weld seam and heat affected zone, and the microhardness of each area is measured along the joint axis from the weld center to the base material. The results show that the microhardness of the weld is increased rapidly from the base to the heat affected zone and the middle part of the weld, and the hardness of the HV is 1 060, which shows that the heat-affected zone and the middle part of the weld produce a hard brittle tissue. In order to improve the toughness and plasticity, reduce its hardness, and obtain the proper coordination of hardness, strength, plasticity and toughness, the welded joint must be tempered properly.Welding Consumables

After heat treatment, the brittleness of the heat affected zone should be eliminated, and the base material should be kept in a certain strength and elasticity. Tempering in the box-type resistance furnace, the tempering process is shown in table 1. The tempered steel wire welded joint is carefully polished so that the diameter is approximately equal to the diameter of the base material, and the tensile test is performed on the WE-50 tensile test machine. The sample of each tempering treatment takes three root, and the average of the tensile force is taken.Welding Consumables

Although the elasticity of the material is basically unchanged, the brittleness of the heat-affected zone cannot be eliminated. When the heating temperature is 280 ”ę, the heat preservation is the best, the tensile strength of the heat affected zone is only about 20% lower than that of the masterbatch, and the elasticity of the base material disappears less. The microhardness of each area on the longitudinal section of the 280 ”ę tempering welding head was measured along the axis direction, and the highest hardness value of the weld was reduced to about 500 of the HV, which was about 1 time times less than that of the unhandled hardness. Welded ring steel wire should not only meet certain strength and elasticity requirements, but also have certain fatigue strength.Welding Consumables

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