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Material Analysis Of Pure Tungsten Electrode

In the arc welding, the tungsten electrode in arc discharge has great influence on the loss of electrode material, the stability of welding arc and the quality of welding, so the electrodes need to have the following properties. The Arc ignition is easy and reliable, and the arc is produced at the front of the electrode and does not appear to climb up the cathode spots. The melting deformation and wear in the work do not make a big impact on the arc characteristics. The stability of the arc is good.Pure Tungsten Electrode

The burning loss and shape change of tungsten electrode will bring the following problems. The change of shape will bring about the change of arc shape, affect the arc force and heat input to the base material. The welding of the important components will bring about the problem of the weld clamping tungsten. It is necessary to change the electrodes frequently, and the performance of the arc is also involved.Pure Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten Argon arc welding electrode materials used are pure tungsten, cerium tungsten and thorium tungsten pole, melting point is 3 400 ”ę above, and escape power is low, therefore has a strong electronic emission capacity, in recent years, better performance of new materials electrode is also in development.Pure Tungsten Electrode  In order to ensure good arc-ignition performance and stable welding process, the electrode has lower escaping power, larger permissible current and smaller ignition voltage.Pure Tungsten Electrode

AC/DC Arc interactive output, the pulse-width ratio of AC/DC is adjustable, and the heat transfer capacity of welded joint can be controlled. The DC component can increase the penetration depth, the arc concentration is good, the tungsten electrode maintains the sharp shape, the weld forming ripple is uniform. The Argon arc welding of the mixed tungsten electrodes is especially suitable for welding aluminum plate vertical welding and fillet welding joints. The Arc shape is similar to that of DC tungsten electrode Argon arc welding arc, the arc stiffness is high and the concentration is strong, which is suitable for single sided welding of narrow weld. Using pulse welding, can weld all kinds of plate thick aluminum butt joint.Pure Tungsten Electrode

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