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Introduction Of Welding Materials And Welding Consumables

Laser welding technology is a set of laser technology, welding technology, automation technology, material technology, mechanical manufacturing technology and product design as one of the integrated technology, the final embodiment of the complete sets of special equipment, but also reflected in the matching process.Welding Consumables 

As an important part of advanced manufacturing technology, laser welding technology has a wide application prospect in future aviation manufacturing industry.Welding Consumables

Laser welding is generally not filled with welding wire, but the welding parts assembly clearance requirements are very high, the actual production is sometimes difficult to ensure that limits its application scope. The use of wire-filled laser welding can greatly reduce the assembly clearance requirements. For example, plate thickness of 2mm aluminum alloy plate, such as not the use of filler wire, plate clearance must be zero to obtain a good shape, such as the use of ¦Õ1.6mm welding wire As a filler metal, even if the gap increased to 1.0mm, also can ensure a good weld formation. In addition, the filler wire can also be adjusted to chemical composition or thick plate multi-layer welding.Welding Consumables

Identify the way the laser welding process belongs. Stable deep welding process, plasma, PS, PCs signal is very strong, stable thermal conductivity welding process, no plasma, PS, PCs signal is almost zero; mode unstable welding process, plasma intermittent generation and disappearance, the corresponding PS, PCS signal intermittent rise and fall. Whether the laser power transmitted to the weld area is normal or not, when other parameters are certain, the strength of PS and PCs signals corresponds to the power size of the incident to the weld area. Therefore, the monitoring of PS and PCs signals to know whether the Light guide system is normal, the power of the welding zone has fluctuated.Welding Consumables

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