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Pure Tungsten Electrode Welding Process

During the process of Tungsten inert gas welding (Tungsten inert gas welding, also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding-GTA welding), the flow of the molten pool and the change of the cathode surface directly affect the welding quality and arc stability. Defects in the welding process, such as slag, porosity, shrinkage and so on with the pool of liquid flow has a great relationship. The flow of molten pool is affected by factors such as protective gas, welding current and voltage, surface tension of welding metal, solidification speed and welding speed.Pure Tungsten Electrode

At the same time, tungsten cathode surface ablation and surface morphological changes in arc arc and arc stability plays an important role. This is the reason why the researchers have a strong interest in the flow of molten pool and the observation of the electrode during the welding process. However, due to the arc during the welding process issued a strong light and heat, to the pool and the observation of the electrode has brought considerable difficulties.Pure Tungsten Electrode

With the usual way of observation or imaging, often only see the plasma arc strong light, and can not see the plasma arc surrounded by the electrode changes and the plasma arc in the welding surface of the surface of the flow of the workpiece.

During the welding process, the heat radiation is mainly from the plasma arc, the molten pool and the electrode. Pure Tungsten Electrode

Finds:1omensither synchronizations.itheromeniations.itheromeniations.itheromeniations.ither outcomeomenigma Points Rh- Decision H.2omensBut the intensity of these visible light is less than the intensity of the light emitted by the arc plasma. So under normal circumstances with the camera in the welding process to observe the liquid pool is almost impossible. The use of optical narrowband interference filter can be a good solution to the welding process of liquid flow and electrode phenomena difficult to observe the problem.Pure Tungsten Electrode

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