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Stability Of Pure Tungsten Electrode

The stability of the arc is good. In the metal because tungsten has a very high melting point, can withstand very high temperature, in the larger current range fully equipped with the ability to transmit electrons, so TIG welding and plasma arc welding Select Tungsten as an electrode. such as Ng arc, plasma arc of the cathode current density, its operating temperature at the electrical extremes usually reach 3 $number K above. Pure Tungsten Electrode

At such a high temperature, the tungsten electrode itself will produce a burning loss. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the stability of tungsten electrode shape and reduce the burn loss of tungsten electrode.Pure Tungsten Electrode

The burning loss and shape change of tungsten electrode will bring the following problems. The change of shape will bring about the change of arc shape, affect the arc force and heat input to the base material. The welding of the important components will bring about the problem of the weld clamping tungsten. It is necessary to change the electrodes frequently, and the performance of the arc is also involved.Pure Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten Argon arc welding electrode materials used are pure tungsten, cerium tungsten and thorium tungsten pole, melting point is 3 400 ”ę above, and escape power is low, therefore has a strong electronic emission capacity, in recent years, better performance of new materials electrode is also in development. In order to ensure good arc-ignition performance and stable welding process, the electrode has lower escaping power, larger permissible current and smaller ignition voltage.Pure Tungsten Electrode

The Argon arc welding mode of the mixed tungsten electrode, AC/DC arc interaction output, the pulse-width ratio of the AC/DC is adjustable, the heat transfer capacity of the welded joint can be controlled and the loss of the tungsten electrode is reduced. Pure Tungsten Electrode

The DC component can increase the penetration depth, the arc concentration is good, the tungsten electrode maintains the sharp shape, the weld forming ripple is uniform. The Argon arc welding of the mixed tungsten electrodes is especially suitable for welding aluminum plate vertical welding and fillet welding joints.Pure Tungsten Electrode

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