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Physical Properties Of Welding Consumables At Work

At the same time, because the temperature of friction stir welding is relatively low, the residual stress or deformation of the welded structure is much smaller than that of melted welding. In particular, when the Al alloy sheet is melted and welded, the plane deformation of the structure is very obvious, whether it is using the technology of no deformation welding or cold, hot shape technology, it is very troublesome, and increases the manufacturing cost of the structure.Welding Consumables

Friction stir welding is mainly used in the lower melting temperature of non-ferrous metals, such as Al, Cu and other alloys. This is related to the material selection of the stirring head and the working life of the stirring head. Of course, it is also associated with the relative difficulty of melting non-ferrous metals, forcing people to look for non melting welding methods in non-ferrous metal welding. Welding Consumables

For the black material with good ductility and easy plastic deformation, it is possible to realize friction stir welding by auxiliary heating or superplasticity, but it is necessary to determine which techno-economic index is more reasonable for the melt welding and friction stir welding.Welding Consumables

Friction stir welding has been successfully applied in the connection of nonferrous metals, but due to the limitation of welding method, it is limited to simple structure, such as straight structure or cylindrical structure, and the workpiece should have good support or pad in the process of welding. Welding Consumables

In principle, friction stir welding can be welded in various positions, such as flat welding, vertical welding, tilt welding and dip welding, can be completed many forms of welding joints, such as docking, angle and lap joints, and even the thickness of the structure of the change and multi-layer materials, can also be dissimilar metal welding.Welding Consumables

In addition, friction stir welding as a solid-phase welding method, before welding and welding process of environmental pollution is small. Pre-weld workpiece without strict surface cleaning preparation requirements, welding process friction and agitation can remove the surface of the solder oxide film, welding process also no soot and splash. At the same time the noise is low.Welding Consumables

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