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Effect Of Micro-Elements On Pure Tungsten Electrode

Argon arc welding affects the human body's harmful factors in three aspects: radioactivity. Thorium is a radioactive element in the tungsten electrode, but the radiation dose of thorium tungsten electrode is very small in the Tungsten Argon arc welding, so it is not very harmful in the allowable range. Pure Tungsten Electrode

If radioactive gas or particles into the human body as an internal radiation source, it will seriously affect the health. High frequency electromagnetic field uses high frequency arc, the intensity of the high-frequency electric field produced is between 60~110v/m, exceeding reference hygienic standard (20v/m) several times. But because the time is very short, the human body has little influence. The High-frequency electromagnetic field can be one of the harmful factors if the arc is frequently used, or the high-frequency oscillator is made as a stable arc device for continuous use during the welding process.Pure Tungsten Electrode

The temperature of the arc column is high when the harmful gases--ozone and nitrogen oxides argon arc welded. Ultraviolet radiation intensity is much greater than the general arc welding, so during the welding process will produce a large number of ozone and oxygen nitride, especially the concentration of ozone far beyond the reference health standards. If no effective ventilation measures are taken, these gases have a great effect on human health and are the main harmful factors of argon arc welding.Pure Tungsten Electrode

Safety precautions: Ventilation measures, Argon arc welding work at the scene should have a good ventilation device to discharge harmful gases and soot. In addition to the factory ventilation, can be in the welding workload, welding machine concentrated place, the installation of several axial fan outward exhaust wind. In addition, the use of local ventilation can be used to exhaust the harmful gases around the arc, such as the use of the Ming-arc exhaust hood, smoke welding torch, light small fan and so on. Pure Tungsten Electrode

The protective rays are used as far as possible to use extremely low doses of cerium tungsten. Thorium tungsten and cerium tungsten electrode processing, should be used in sealed or exhaust grinding wheel grinding, the author should wear masks, gloves and other personal protective supplies, after processing to wash hands face. The thorium tungsten pole and the cerium tungsten should be stored in the aluminum box.Pure Tungsten Electrode

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