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Introduction To The Performance Of Welding Consumables

Materials consumed during welding, including electrodes, welding wires, fluxes, gases, solders and soldering agents. Welding materials mainly protect molten pool, stabilize arc, fill metal, form weld seam and improve weld performance. At the beginning of 20th century, people used oxygen-acetylene flame as heat source and metal wire as welding material. People also try to use the welding wire for arc welding, because the molten pool is not protected, arc is not stable, can not be applied. For this purpose, the thin medicine-skin electrode, which is coated with mineral and ferrous alloy on the light wire, has been developed to overcome the above shortcomings.Welding Consumables

In the 20 's, the high quality thick medicine skin electrode was developed, which became a widely used welding material. In the 30 's, people made a granular flux from the medicine skin material, and the welding wire was used for submerged arc welding. In the past 40-50 years, a gas shielded arc welding method using inert gas and carbon dioxide gases such as argon has been developed to make these gases an important welding material. Since the 50 's, with the progress of brazing technology, a variety of brazing and soldering agents have appeared.Welding Consumables

The standard of welding material selection is based on the following principles. The selection of welded materials for structural steels mainly considers that the strength of deposited metal is equal to or slightly higher than that of the base material. However, for the hardened inclined steel, the bottom weld or the non main stress weld, the weld metal strength of which is slightly lower than that of the base material. For heat-resisting steels or stainless steel welding materials, the main consideration is that the chemical composition of the deposited metal should be close to the base material.Welding Consumables

Also take into account the working conditions and stiffness of the product. At the same time, the factors of welding process performance should be considered. In order to facilitate the factory to the welding material procurement and management, as far as possible to simplify varieties. Low alloy steels and carbon steel dissimilar steel welding, welding material selection of the basic principles of mechanical performance to achieve a lower side, and the welding process should be higher on the side of the requirements.Welding Consumables

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