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Application Of Pure Tungsten Electrode In Industry

 Pure tungsten electrode containing tungsten minimum 99.5%, no alloying elements. Pure tungsten has a very high electron work function, so compared to other alloy tungsten electrode, pure tungsten electrode arc is more difficult to maintain the stability of the arc is also more difficult. In addition, due to the higher electron work function, the electrode tip temperature is higher and prone to grain growth, which will lead to instability of the arc, arc more difficult, and the service life is shorter. Pure tungsten is only used for AC welding, however, good DC can also be selected.Pure Tungsten Electrode

In the pure tungsten electrode, the electrode tip is generally spherical, and is generally used in the sine wave and the traditional square wave argon welding welder in the exchange process. After forming the ball, in order to know the diameter of the electrode will generally be used in the alternating current, and eventually have their own form. The diameter of the sphere should not exceed 1.5 times the diameter of the electrode (for example, the diameter of the ball is 1/8, then the electrode diameter is 3/16), and the electrode with a larger spherical body at the tip can reduce the arc stability and even fall off, And will be contaminated by the weld.Pure Tungsten Electrode

The use of pure tungsten electrodes is most widely used under AC welding alternating current. It is generally used for welding aluminum, magnesium alloy (AC) is generally used in alternating current. Pure tungsten electrode, can also provide clean, heated when the ball pitch. This shape provides a balanced waveform for AC welding arc stability, which is particularly good. Pure tungsten electrode also provides good arc stabilized sine wave AC welding aluminum and magnesium. However, they are not used for DC welding. Pure tungsten electrodes are widely used in specific industries for welding applications.Pure Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten rods in today's various industries have a good use of pure tungsten plate using high-quality powder production of high purity, and excellent crack resistance in the use of. The product is suitable for processing ion implantation parts for the production of electric light source parts and electric vacuum devices, tungsten boat high temperature furnace insulation screen and heating element for tungsten sputtering target and for resistance welding inlay electrode tungsten electrode.Pure Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten rods are suitable for processing ion-implanted parts and are also used well in some manufacturing electric and vacuum parts. Can also be used as high-temperature heating body and high temperature structural parts to be used, and in today's rare earth industry can also be used as an electrode to use. In fact, many people do not know tungsten rods in the resistance electrode and inlay electrode also has a good use.Pure Tungsten Electrode

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