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Detailed Material Of The Welding Wire

The wire is used as a filler metal or as a conductive wire for welding. In the gas welding and tungsten gas protection arc welding, the wire used as filler metal; in submerged arc welding, electroslag welding and other melting gas protection arc welding, the welding wire is filled with metal. At the same time the wire is also conductive electrode. The surface of the wire is not coated with an oxidative flux.Welding Wire

Most of the welding wire belongs to this category, including carbon steel wire, low alloy structural steel wire, alloy steel wire, stainless steel wire and non-ferrous metal wire. Common welding wire: SKD11> 0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 56 ~ 58 Welding cold steel, metal stamping die, cutting, cutting tools, forming mold, the workpiece hard surface with high hardness, wear resistance and high toughness of the argon electrode, Before the first warm preheating, or easy to produce cracks. 63 degrees knife edge welding wire> 0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 63 ~ 55, mainly used in welding knife mold, hot for high hardness with mold, hot forging the total mold, hot die, screw mold, wear hard surface, high speed steel , Knife repair.Welding Wire

Some alloys, such as cobalt chrome tungsten alloy, can not forging, rolling and wire drawing, and made by casting method. It is mainly used for manual surfacing of the workpiece surface to meet the special requirements such as oxidation resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance at high temperature. The use of continuous casting and liquid extrusion can produce up to several meters of cobalt chromium tungsten wire for automatic wire tungsten gas protection arc welding to improve the welding efficiency and surfacing quality, but also to improve working conditions. Cast iron welding is sometimes used casting wire.Welding Wire

Rolled with a thin steel strip into a round or profiled steel pipe, filled with a certain component of the powder, made by the seam of the flux cored wire, or filled with steel pipe made of seamless flux cored wire (see Figure). With this welding wire welding high efficiency, good adaptability to steel, the trial cycle is short, so its use and use of the ever-expanding.Welding Wire

This wire is mainly used for carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, submerged arc welding and electroslag welding. Flux-cored wire in the powder composition is generally similar with the electrode coating. Contains slagging, gas and stable components of the flux-cored welding wire does not need to protect the gas, said self-protection flux cored wire, suitable for large-scale welding structure of the construction.Welding Wire

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