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Different Types Of Welding Consumables Are Introduced

Welding material refers to the material commonly used when welding, such as electrode, wire, metal powder, flux, gas and so on. Welding industry is developing rapidly, mainly divided into argon welding, CO2 welding, oxygen cutting, welding. Now the welding industry is developing rapidly, mainly divided into argon welding, CO2 welding, oxygen cutting, welding, gas welding, self-protection welding.Welding Consumables

Argon welding main welding materials are: argon welding machine (essential) argon welding gun (including cloth sets, small air tube * 2 main gun tip tungsten needle folder ceramic Tsui copper head) mainly with argon wire (model more common 308L 316 ...), stainless steel electrode, tungsten needle (general specifications for the 1.6 * 150 2.4 * 175 3.2 * 175) argon welding cap. CO2 welding main welding materials are: CO2 welding machine (essential, divided into many types, according to different industries with different welding machine), CO2 torch CO2 front gun body pipe connection body conductive Tsui CO2 welding wire CO2 welding cap.Welding Consumables

Gas protection welding mainly refers to the welding by gas protection, the main gas including (CO2 gas shielded welding, 80% Ar + 20% CO2 gas welding), as long as the use of gas to weld the area separated from the air of a welding Method, generally with continuous welding wire. Self-shielded welding refers to the welding without the need to protect the media, only by virtue of the wire's own core to protect the welding method, generally known as arc welding.Welding Consumables

The main research object of welding labor hygiene is melting welding, and the problem of labor hygiene is the largest, and the problem of submerged arc welding and electroslag welding is the least. The main detrimental factors such as manual arc welding, carbon arc gouging and CO2 gas shielded welding are the soot and dust produced during the welding process. Especially the welding arc welding. Welding Consumables

And carbon arc gouging, if the long-term operation in a small space (boilers, cabin, closed containers and pipes, etc.) welding operation, and in the case of poor health protection, the respiratory system will cause harm, Suffering from welding pneumoconiosis.Welding Consumables

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