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Welding Consumables

Today, China has become the world's largest consumer of welding materials. 20 years of domestic welding industry has been rapid development, foreign welding materials enterprises have been through the output products, provide technical services and set up factories in China and other ways to compete for the market. Fierce market competition shows that the low profit of ordinary welding materials, such as junction 422 electrode, er50-6 gas shielded wire, HJ431 flux and other products, mainly the competition between domestic enterprises, while the technology content is higher, the profit is also larger various kinds of special welding materials, facing the strong foreign well-known enterprises, at present, most of the domestic welding consumables enterprises in the competition in a disadvantage, there is a large gap, so we must pay attention to the development of Chinese welding industry in the.Welding Consumables

There are no accurate statistics on the proportion of welded timber structures around the world. The English version of the World Welding News, issued in the autumn of Japan in 2005, estimates the demand for welding materials (not the production volume) and the use ratio in some countries and regions in 2004, as shown in table 1. From table 1, Europe, North America (USA and Canada), Japan and other developed countries, in the consumption of welding consumables, the proportion of the electrode has been less than 20%, Europe and North America gas shielded wire use ratio is greater than 50%. From table 1 also visible, because the flux-cored wire in shipbuilding in many, so shipbuilding volume in the world's first to second place in Japan and South Korea, the use of flux-cored wire large proportion.Welding Consumables

It should be stated that the product structure is not determined by the production capacity of the welding material factory, but by the market demand. However, the welding material factory should see the changing trend of market demand, gradually adjust the production structure of the product. To be sure, in the total production of welding materials in China, the proportion of electrodes will be less than 40% of the direction of development. Therefore, the current oversupply of the knot 422, such as common electrode, will have a considerable part of the production capacity in the market competition is gradually phased out.Welding Consumables

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