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Pure Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten is the best choice for high-temperature use. No metal in nature is more resistant to heat than tungsten. Because of its melting point is 3410°„c, and at high temperature pure tungsten can still maintain extremely high tensile strength. So tungsten is the preferred material for ultra-high temperature industrial applications. Blue can pure tungsten (gbpm®900) strictly comply with GB/T 3875-2006 production of pure tungsten plate, pure tungsten rods.Pure Tungsten Electrode

Pure tungsten is a steel gray to tin white hard metal, very pure tungsten can be saw-sawing (pure tungsten is very crisp, difficult to process). Tungsten processing means forging, stretching and impact. Tungsten in all metals has the highest melting point, 3422°„c, lowest vapor pressure and highest tensile strength (1650°„c). Its corrosion resistance is very good, most of the inorganic acids on it erosion is very small. A protective oxide is formed on its surface in the air, but it is completely oxidized at high temperatures. Adding a small amount of tungsten in steel can greatly increase the hardness of the steel.Pure Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten in tungsten is a chemical element that is a W, its atomic number is 74 and is a gray-white transition metal. It is a very hard, steel gray to white transition metal. Tungsten-containing minerals are black tungsten ore and scheelite. Tungsten's physical characteristics are very strong, especially its melting point is very high, is the highest of all non-metallic metals. Pure tungsten is used mainly in electrical and electronic equipment, and many of its compounds and alloys are also used in many other applications (the most common filament is the bulb, which is also used in the X-ray tube and in the high-temperature alloy).Pure Tungsten Electrode

Pure tungsten rods have special properties such as low thermal expansion with good thermal conductivity, sufficient resistance to resistance, and high modulus of elasticity. Tungsten rods are therefore widely used in various fields. such as support lines, import lines, printer needles, a variety of electrodes and quartz furnace, filament, high-speed tools, automotive automatic products, sputtering target materials.Pure Tungsten Electrode

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