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Welding Consumables Indispensable

Today, the development of welding science and technology is an important feature of integration, information, green, intelligent. With the development of welding technology, the application ratio of semi-automatic and automatic welding materials has been increasing rapidly, and the demand of welding wire for mag welding and submerged arc welding has been increasing yearly. As consumables in welding process, welding material is also one of the focus of competition among the major businesses in previous welding exhibitions.Welding Consumables

"Atlantic" welding materials are divided into electrodes, welding wire, flux a total of 3 categories, more than 200 varieties. The main products are carbon steel electrode, cellulose electrode, low alloy steel electrode, stainless steel electrode, low-temperature steel electrode, molybdenum and chromium-molybdenum steel electrode, nickel and nickel alloy electrodes, surfacing electrodes, cast iron electrodes, for submerged arc welding and electroslag welding of a variety of smelting, ceramic and sintered flux; applicable to gas shielded welding mag, MIG and TIG welding wire, as well as submerged arc welding wire and gas welding wire. Its products are widely used in machinery manufacturing and other fields, automotive industry users have Guangzhou Honda, Xiamen Jinlong and so on.Welding Consumables

Stainless steel-aluminum alloy welding material: aluminum-silicon solder powder $number, aluminum-silicon solder powder 430#, aluminum-silicon solder powder. Model Components welding temperature ”ę properties and applications aluminum silicon solder powder $number al-Si alloy powder 580-605 is used for brazing 304 stainless steel, alloy steel-aluminum. Al-Si solder powder 430# al-Si alloy powder, rare earth metal powder 570-590 belongs to Low-temperature solder, used for brazing 430, 201 material Stainless Iron-aluminum-aluminum-silicon brazing powder aluminum fluoride and potassium fluoride eutectic crystal 550-570 to remove the metal surface of the oxide film, increase the welding process of solder fluidity and peace paving performance, after welding firmly.Welding Consumables

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