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Study On Self-Shielded Flux Cored Welding Wire

Flux-cored wire is the fastest-growing and most attractive new welding material in recent years. In this paper, based on the study of the existing slag system, combined with China's national conditions, the existing slag system has been improved, and a kind of high alkalinity, low hydrogen type, 500MPA grade, Caf2-al2o3-cao series self shielded Flux cored wire is developed, the welding process properties of the wire and the mechanical properties of the deposited metal are excellent, and the pioneering work has been done in the research of the self shielded flux cored wire. On this basis, the paper studies and discusses the welding process performance of the self shielded flux cored wire and the key technical problems in the mechanical properties of the deposited metal. Slag removal is a key and difficult point in the development of self shielded flux cored wire. In this paper, the slag removal of the basic self shielded flux-cored wire is systematically studied and discussed from the aspects of physical properties, chemical properties and microscopic morphologies of the mixed material regression design test scheme. By using the coefficient estimation formula, it is found that there is a good correspondence between the coefficient of slag and the slag removal rate of self shielded flux cored wire.Welding Wire

Splash size is one of the important indexes to measure the welding process performance of self shielded flux cored wire. Through a lot of research, it is believed that: the self shielded flux cored wire splash formation basically has three kinds: the big pellet splash, the small pellet splash and the molten pool cause splash. By adjusting the composition of the drug core, the splash can be reduced and the effect of surfactant is particularly remarkable.Welding Wire

Stomatal problem is the common problem of self-shielded flux cored wire, the main method to solve the problem of porosity is to adjust the physicochemical properties of molten slag by changing the formula of the self shielded flux-cored wire, such as viscosity, surface tension and oxidizing property. The welding process parameters, especially the voltage and the dry elongation, have a great influence on the stomata. The mechanical properties of deposited metal are important aspects in the development of self shielded flux cored wire, in which toughness is the core problem. In this paper, the method of toughening the content of C, Al and Si in the high aluminum alloy is introduced, and the addition of B and re. In this paper, the role of aluminum in high aluminum alloy system is analyzed and discussed in detail, and the toughening mechanism of al-b system is put forward. Satisfactory results have been obtained, and the 0 ”ę shock absorbing power of the self shielded Flux cored wire has reached 97J. In addition, the effect of three kinds of pretreatment methods of high temperature baking, pre melting and sol-gel on the quality of self shielded flux cored wire is discussed in this paper.Welding Wire

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