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Copper Welding Wire

 1, copper gas welding: welding Copper is the most commonly used butt joints, lap joints and T-joints as far as possible use. Gas welding can be used two kinds of welding wire, one is containing deoxidation elements of the wire, such as silk 201, 202; the other is the general copper wire and the cutting of the base material, using air Agent 301 as Flux. Gas welding copper should use neutral flame.Welding Wire

2, the Red Copper Manual arc welding: In the manual arc welding using copper electrode CU 107, welding core for copper (T2, T3). Weld edge should be cleared before welding. When the thickness of the welding piece is greater than 4 mm, preheating must be preheated before welding, and the preheating temperature is generally 400~500”ę around. Welding with copper 107 electrode, the power supply should be reversed by DC.Welding Wire

Welding should be used short arc, the electrode is not suitable for horizontal swing. The welding rod is a reciprocating linear movement, which can improve the weld forming. The long weld should adopt the method of gradual annealing. Welding speed should be as fast as possible. In multi-layer welding, the molten slag between layers must be completely removed. The welding should be carried out in a well-ventilated place to prevent the phenomenon of copper poisoning. After welding, a flat-head hammer is used to knock the weld, eliminating stress and improving weld quality.Welding Wire

3, the Red Copper Manual argon arc welding: In the Red Copper hand argon arc welding, the use of wire wire 201 (Special copper wire) and silk 202, also uses purple copper wire, such as T2. Before welding to the workpiece welding edge and the surface of the metal oxide film, oil and other dirty things must be clean, to avoid producing pores, slag and other defects. The method of cleaning is mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning method.Welding Wire

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