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Production And Application Of Welding Consumables In China

At present, there are hundreds of enterprises that can supply submerged arc welding wire. Some enterprises can dish-like supply, because the submerged arc welding process In addition to the single electrode, has developed to multiple electrodes and many specifications of welding wire, so that the application of submerged arc welding wire increased, in recent years, copper-plated submerged arc welding wire production quantity is increasing. 2001 domestic carbon dioxide gas shielded solid wire production of about 140,000 T, flux-cored wire about 12,000 T, submerged arc welding wire about 50,000 T.

China's flux production enterprises have more than 30, the entire flux industry annual production capacity of about 150,000 tons, including melting flux 11.12 million T, Sintered flux 340,000 T. At present, there are more than 10 enterprises that can produce sintered flux. In recent years, sintered flux Market has been expanding, sintered flux in the proportion of flux is also increasing. 2001 domestic submerged Arc flux production of about 70,000 tons, including melting flux of about 50,000 tons, sintered fluxes nearly 20,000 tons.Welding Consumables

Related metal products industry is related to modern welding applications, in petrochemical equipment manufacturing (such as heat exchanger, pressure vessels, storage tanks, transport tools manufacturing (such as ships, rail vehicles, automobiles, aircraft, etc.), machinery manufacturing (such as industrial machinery, equipment, etc.), the boiler, bridge and construction industry and other industries have a great relationship with the welding material industry. The rise and fall of welding material industry is closely related to the development of these industries.Welding Consumables

(1) Ship manufacturing. Our country shipbuilding system has proposed, by 2005 the main shipyard's welding efficiency rate to reach more than 80%, in which carbon dioxide gas shielded welding application rate reached 55%, welding mechanization, automation rate of about 70%.Welding Consumables

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