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Pure Tungsten Electrode

Due to the characteristics of tungsten, it is suitable for TIG welding and other electrode materials similar to this kind of work. Adding rare earth oxides to the metal tungsten to stimulate its electron escaping power makes the welding performance of the tungsten electrode improved: the electrode has better starting-arc performance, the stability of the arc column is higher, and the burn loss rate of the electrode is smaller. The usual rare earth additives are cerium oxide, lanthanum oxide, zirconia, yttrium oxide and thorium oxide.Pure Tungsten Electrode.

Tungsten-cerium electrodes are mainly used in low current DC welding. W-Cerium has excellent starting-arc performance at low currents, and thus becomes the standard for most rail-welding equipment manufacturers, in addition, it is also used in other low current applications such as small parts welding. Tungsten Cerium is not suitable for high current conditions, because in this condition, the oxides will move quickly to the hot zone, that is, the electrode welding at the top, so that the uniformity of the oxide caused damage, so because of the uniformity of the oxide distribution of these benefits will no longer exist.Pure Tungsten Electrode.

Tungsten Thorium electrode a widely used tungsten electrode material, it has better welding performance than pure tungsten, so it is widely used in DC welding field. Tungsten Thorium electrodes are easy to operate, even if they operate well under overloaded currents, and there are still many companies that use this material as part of high quality welding. Nevertheless, people gradually shifted their gaze to other types of tungsten electrodes, such as tungsten and cerium and lanthanum, not least because they showed superior performance in most applications, and, importantly, they did not have radiation damage. Because of the small amount of radiation produced by thorium oxide in the tungsten thorium electrode, some welders are unwilling to approach them. In the use of tungsten thorium electrode welding must maintain good ventilation environment, discarded welding head should be properly handled.Pure Tungsten Electrode.

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