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3 Kinds Of Welding Wire

High Speed steel wire (SKH9) > 1.2~1.6mm HRC 61~63 High speed steel, durability for ordinary high-speed steel 1.5 ~ 3 times times, suitable for manufacturing and processing high-temperature alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, high-strength steel and other difficult materials of the tool, welding and broach, heat for high hardness tools, molds, hot forging total mold, hot stamping die, screw mold, wear-resistant hard hard, high speed steel, punching, cutting tools, electronic parts, thread roller, dental plate, drilling wheel, roller, compressor blades and various mold machinery parts and so on ... Through the European industrial standard strict quality control, high carbon content, composition of fine materials within the organization uniformity, hardness and stability, and wear resistance, toughness, high temperature and so on. The properties are better than the general grade material.Welding Wire

ma-1g > 1.6~2.4mm, Super mirror wire, mainly used in military products or demanding products. Hardness HRC 48~50 martensite Aging Steel system, aluminum die casting die, low-pressure casting mold, forging die, blanking die, injection mold surfacing. Special hardening high toughness alloy, very suitable for aluminum gravity die casting, gate, prolong the service life of $number times, can make very precise molds, super mirror (gate repair welding, use not easy thermal fatigue crack).Welding Wire

Anti-burst bottom welding wire > 0.5~2.4mm hb~300 High hardness steel joints, hard-faced production of the bottom, the crack of the weld. High-strength welding wire, nickel-chromium alloy components, used to prevent cracking bottom welding, filling bottom, tensile strength, and repair of steel cracking welding and reconstruction.Welding Wire

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