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Restrictions On Production And Prices To Promote Tungsten Industry Rebound In The Economy

On the card information was informed that by the mining enterprises to limit production and price 

promotion, 27 tungsten concentrate, APT (ammonium paratungstate) and tungsten carbide collective price adjustment, up 1,000 yuan per ton -1500 per month. It is understood that most domestic tungsten concentrate traders actively covering short positions in stocking, but low-cost raw material procurement difficulties, holders of goods traders reluctant to sell lead to tungsten chain prices.

At present more and more tungsten mines and smelters recognized market prices, market rally, the follow-up tungsten products business is expected to improve. Brokerage research report that, in the enterprise limited production and pricing and supply side of the reform, driven by the tungsten industry operating environment is expected to improve. In late March of this year, China Tungsten Industry Association has suggested that this year tungsten concentrate production fell 15%, at this stage is progressingwell.

Enterprise dynamics, the tungsten raw materials hold goods traders to further enhance the emotionalsentiment, the overall market offer again raised, the actual transaction gradually follow-up, before the National Day prices rebounded slightly more clear trend. At the same time, tungsten concentrate seller price strength has been strengthened, the mainstream market offer slightly increased, downstream smelter began to accept high transaction. Price, 65% black tungsten concentrate mainstream tax price of between 66,000 to 70,000 yuan per ton. Most of the APT smelter said that the recent purchase price of raw materials rising, APT production costs generally back to about 105,000 yuan per ton, so sales offer more firm, higher offer has 108,000 yuan per ton.

From the industry point of view, the tungsten ore market, the spot is mainly concentrated in the tungsten mine and trade-oriented enterprises, most of the domestic production of tungsten mine to a long single-supply and internal supply-based. In the domestic large-scale tungsten mines to stop selling, the rest of the tungsten mines are basically stopped supply, the market supply tight. In the tungsten products market prices, Jiangxi, Hunan and other mainstream producing areas of inquiry increased, the market began to improve. Relevant manufacturers said that the current tungsten prices are still driving force. As the overall low price of tungsten, tungsten mine for the current price is still not satisfied,traders also to purchase the main smelter in accordance with the pricing of raw materials. From past experience, the upstream tungsten concentrate prices of raw materials will play a role in boosting the entire industrial chain.

China is the world's largest producer of tungsten products, last year's global output of 87,000 tons 

of tungsten, China's 71,000 tons, accounting for 81.61% of global output. Reserves, China's tungsten reserves of 1.9 million tons (metal), accounting for 58% of the world. From the regional perspective,the domestic tungsten resources are mainly distributed in Hunan, Jiangxi provinces, reserves were 32% and 18%, accounting for 50% of the country. Tungsten ore as a strategic resource, purchasing and storage and limited production similar to the rare earth model in the supply side of the gradual advance of reform and economic stabilization and recovery driven by the tungsten products industry is expected to improve profitability. After the Ministry of Homeland issued a notice to suspend the tungsten ore mining registration applications, strict management of tungsten ore mining rights, from the supply side to be controlled.

In addition, the end of March this year, China Tungsten Industry Association held a meeting on the 

current tungsten market supply and demand situation and cost upside down to discuss the status quo.Association of initiatives to continue to control production capacity and reduce production, 2016 tungsten concentrate production fell 15%, the key enterprises of the main mining tungsten concentrate production and total utilization of tungsten production total reduction of 10,000 tons, while continuing the implementation of tungsten concentrate and APT Such as tungsten products, commercial reserves. Institutions that, in the industry as a whole at a loss or marginal profit margins, the enterprise limited production and price is expected to continue, tungsten products industry profits or promotion.

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