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6 Tips For Better GTAW Results Ⅳ

Clamp To Prevent Distortion

Proper clamping of the base material in GTAW applications is a key step to preventing distortion and other issues. The thinner the base material, the more important proper clamping becomes. Clamp the piece in several locations when possible to prevent sections from lifting, and keep the part as square as possible. Some parts may be more difficult to clamp than others.

A third hand can assist in holding the part steady for welding, so consider using one to help with stabilization. A third hand can come in many different shapes and designs, but it is typically a heavier piece that lies or leans on a part and holds it in place for welding. Also, building a support structure can help you keep a steady hand during the welding process. Using a support to lean on or rest your elbows on during welding can help you maintain steadiness for consistent welding.

These preparations may seem time-consuming, and in some cases may take longer than the actual welding, but they are critical to create a steady support that eliminates unintended part and operator movement.

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