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New Price Of Tungsten Electrode

Tungsten latest prices - August 3, 2016

International aspects: British exit from the euro weakened against the euro zone economy dragged down the euro zone June PPI annual rate or the existence of improvement; US consumer spending in the second quarter annualized quarter rate recorded a good performance of the initial value, the June personal consumption expenditures continued to improve as possible ;

Dallas Fed President Kaplan and the ECB management committee cum Irish Central Bank Lien speech in September is still expected to raise interest rates; de July manufacturing PMI steady recovery, the Bank of England resorted to easing or just a matter of time.

China: the new China in July manufacturing PMI unexpectedly strong earnings, and external disk base metals prices, including crude oil group; crude oil highs order LME base metals prices will significantly weaken, the Shanghai stock market also followed a weaker metal; the king facing policy makers close tight, a second-tier land market heat or fall.

External disk base metals Xianyanghouyi fluctuated pattern of the main tone of the market; increase OPEC crude oil production, US oil fell 09 contracts increased; Rising colored shortage of funds, the two companies listed on the transfer debt; gradual warming global mining M & A activity gradually warming.

Tungsten market: tungsten ore miners continued price reluctant to sell ,, slight fluctuations, by the impact of environmental inspection, the majority of manufacturers to stop APT, APT prices soaring, demand less alloy manufacturers, scrap tungsten steel prices weak.

Tungsten latest price

Product    ContentPrice
Ammonium paratungstate ≥88.5%  $195.00/Ton
Tungsten powder  ≥99.7%   $27.00/kg
1#Tungsten   ≥99.7%  $33.91/kg

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