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How is the golden nine silver?

Recently, there are three factors for the rise in tungsten market. One is that tungsten ore suppliers are selling prices, and suppliers can restrict the supply by making a little union. As long as you push up slightly, you can completely cover the cost of capital, and even double the income; the third is that upstream companies are looking forward to the improvement of Gold Jiuyin and Ten. They believe that as long as it is supported by mid -to -late August, there must be a receiver. The first two links are mainly human control. The third link is mainly expected. From the current status of economic development, the expectations of Gold and Silver Ten may fall out. The concentrated deposit of alloy procurement has been switched to the procurement. It is difficult to bring the upstream raw material market. Strong support.     At present, the 55 -degree black tungsten quotation of tungsten ore market has reached 1.6 yuan/kg, and the tax includes 113,000/tons. Some mining companies have begun to release inventory. The supply of tungsten ore is still tight.     The reduction of APT production enterprises is still common. Some suspension of production companies have not yet re -production, and some companies have begun to reduce the reduction. The supply of short -term APT markets is still insufficient, but it is relatively matched with the reduction of the downstream powder market.     The powder market began to offer advanced quotations. According to APT 1.75 million/ton discount tungsten carbide reached 260 yuan/kg, but the initial price increase in this round had replenished stocking at about 246 and 252 yuan/kg. Essence     Alloy companies are currently cautious and watching attitudes. Insufficient terminal consumption demand has led to many alloy companies who dare not stock up when they watch raw materials increase. The demand in October is also difficult to improve.     The international market has not yet gone out of the summer vacation, and the downturn of the terminal manufacturing industry has also affected the demand for procurement and replenishment in the raw material market. It is expected that some orders before the holiday will be landed after the summer break, but the follow -up supplementary replenishment will be lower than expected in the later period.     According to comprehensive analysis, the current rise in the tungsten market is obviously upward under the situation where the environment is unfavorable. Although the front -end funds are strongly supported, the back -end demand is obviously weak. Therefore, the short -term market speculation rising may face important psychological passage pressure. If you can continue to worry about selling prices, you will have the opportunity to stand on the barrier, but if the number of carrier shipments increases, it may face stalemate pressure.

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