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The price rise is like a mountain

At present, the price of tungsten raw materials is rising faster and faster, and tungsten ore suppliers are full of confidence. They use off-site funds and leverage to raise prices. However, the downstream consumer demand can only squeeze toothpaste under the suppression of the sluggish environment. Slowly release, the short-term differences between upstream and downstream are getting bigger and bigger, which brings risks to the stable operation of the market in the later stage.     At present, the market quotation of tungsten ore has further increased, and the quotation of some rough sand has reached 1.6 yuan/kg, which is 113,000/standard ton. The traders who hoard goods cyclically pledge to increase leverage, but there are also mining enterprises that sell with production and profit in time while the price rises. concluded.     Due to the tight bulk cargo market in the APT market, many manufacturers have expressed that they are out of stock, and the rapid rise in mineral prices has prompted APT to preemptively increase the quotation.     The powder market is still under upside-down pressure. Due to the weakening of downstream procurement demand, even back-to-back cannot form an effective replenishment volume, and the constantly pushing up APT has further suppressed the demand in the powder market. At present, the transaction of tungsten powder has reached more than 256 yuan/kg, and the transaction of tungsten carbide powder has not yet reached 255 yuan/kg.     The cobalt powder market has not stopped falling for the time being, and the quotations of suppliers have continued to drop. The current quotation has dropped to 330 yuan/kg, and the price can be appropriately reduced for purchases with volume.     The alloy market is currently under great pressure, and the end consumer demand has not improved. However, the increase in the price of raw materials has continuously stimulated the nerves of enterprises to replenish supplies. On-demand purchases can only choose a small number of times. Hard to choose.     The ferrotungsten market is currently affected by the weakening of steel demand, but production and supply have also tightened. Short-term ferrotungsten prices remain firm, with 70% ferrotungsten at 170,000 per base ton and 80 ferrotungsten at 177,000 per base ton.     Comprehensive analysis shows that the tungsten raw material market rose against the trend and achieved certain results. The upstream hoarders made a lot of profits, and the short-term bullish enthusiasm continued. However, the middle and downstream enterprises had to accept high prices without replenishment for a long time, which further stimulated the bullish confidence in the upstream. , so the short-term market will continue to rely on tungsten mines for strong push, but with the arrival of August, if the back-end demand does not improve, the market may fall into a stalemate at a high level, and the possibility of the withdrawal of upstream leveraged funds is not even ruled out.

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