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Steady is better than empty

Yesterday, the long-term unit price of large enterprises in Guangdong was announced, which is basically the same as the previous quotation. Due to the phased end of the downstream procurement and stockpiling, the subsequent procurement is deserted again, so the short-term artificially high quotations will face greater pressure.     The tungsten ore market continues to maintain a firm quotation of 1.54 yuan/kg. Most suppliers have no intention of shipping and are reluctant to sell at a high price. However, there are some suppliers who have appropriately raised their prices to ship, and they will fast-forward if they earn 1,000 yuan/standard ton compared to the purchase price. Get out.     APT companies are now reluctant to sell on a unified basis. Many companies have reported that they have no stock to sell. The quotations of individual companies have reached 170,000 / ton. With the sluggish demand again, high quotations may take a period of time to slowly grind.     The order status of powder companies is still cold. Last week, there were some follow-up replenishment orders stimulated by price increases. However, after the phased completion of the price increase, there was no order volume. Most powder companies can only continue to maintain the price. 250 yuan / kg or more.     Alloy companies are now again cautious in purchasing. After the replenishment was completed last week, many customers are not in a hurry to buy again this week. In the short term, the demand for replenishment is the market of a week's tour. It will take some time to improve the demand in the off-season.     Some orders from international customers have been released one after another. With the slight rise in domestic prices, some purchases can be appropriately stimulated to follow up. However, the price difference between domestic and foreign customers is still large, and there is a possibility of price reduction.     Comprehensive analysis shows that in the past, the tungsten market would have demand follow-up after the staged consolidation, but this round of weakening demand has fallen into a downturn since April. At present, the mid-stream and downstream markets have adapted to the mode of purchasing a small number of times. The price increase in the short term has led to many times. If it changes once, subsequent purchases may slow down again, so it is not easy for the market to maintain stability at present.

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