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Yesterday, the market was in a chaotic situation. Some companies actively pushed up the quotations of raw materials, but the long-term orders of large enterprises in Fujian were reduced, so that many customers could not understand the current raw material market. However, from the demand side analysis, the current cemented carbide market Consumption still has not improved, and weak alloy orders lead to insufficient powder orders. In the short term, the reluctance to sell support on the raw material side may cause a game with the sluggish demand side. If the supply of raw materials is not reduced, demand may be suppressed.     At present, the price of tungsten ore maintains a firm price of 1.52 yuan/kg, and some mining companies even insist on the price of 1.53 yuan/kg. The short-term ore price is expected to remain firm.     Bulk cargo transactions in the APT market are sparse, and most companies continue to maintain long-order supply. With a new round of long-order price reductions, it is expected that today's institutional long-order prices may diverge significantly.     The demand for orders from some companies in the powder market is obviously weak, and they have to continue to accept orders at a lower price. Although most companies' tungsten carbide quotations are still above 250 yuan/kg, many companies still find it difficult to accept orders at around 245 yuan/kg.     At present, the demand pressure of alloy enterprises is still relatively large. Quite a number of alloy enterprises have reported that end customers have no purchase intention, and mining tools are a relatively poor product.     The current demand in the international market has also weakened significantly. The summer break has caused many foreign customers to purchase into the deserted stage, and the weak and stable domestic price has also led to a slight reduction in export quotations.     Comprehensive analysis, the recent market mentality is intertwined, the raw material side strives to push up the quotation, but the demand side has not improved, and the shrinkage of demand is far greater than the upstream expectation. The suppression effect will be more obvious.

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