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Discounts and promotions are difficult to exchange

As the "618" is getting closer and closer, the market pressure of tungsten terminal products is also increasing, and some cemented carbide products have been discounted. The purchase volume of the company has not improved, resulting in the demand for continuous suppression of upstream raw materials.     At present, the market price of tungsten ore is concentrated at about 1.52 yuan/kg of 55-degree black tungsten grit, and about 106,500/standard ton including tax. The long-term unit price of 107,000/standard ton for large enterprises in Guangdong plays a slightly supporting role.     The competition between supply and demand in the APT market has intensified. Upstream miners have insisted on quotations, and downstream demand has decreased. As a result, many APT enterprises are caught in the middle and it is difficult to operate. Most enterprises continue to insist on long-term quotations from large enterprises, and the sporadic transaction prices are slightly lower.     The powder market is still deserted, and the lack of back-end inquiries has led many powder companies to continue to wait and see.     Alloy enterprises are seriously differentiated, and orders for top hammer shield oil and gas products are saturated, but there is an obvious surplus of bar mining tools, and some small and medium-sized enterprises have a serious inventory backlog and have to discount and promote, but the end consumption has not improved, causing great pressure.     Due to insufficient demand, the ferrotungsten market can only continue to weaken. Some exporters offer 80 ferrotungsten at USD 39.8/kg tungsten, while the domestic offer price is 178,000/base ton. Individual 70 ferrotungsten prices fall below the 170,000/base ton mark.     The scrap tungsten market is also clearly differentiated. Soft materials continue to decline due to the decline in tungsten and cobalt prices, but hard scrap alloys continue to support the market, and there is a high probability of a short-term stalemate to maintain stability.     Comprehensive analysis shows that the biggest problem in the tungsten market is the sluggish demand. The demand side of alloys and powders has fallen by more than 30%, while the stable production of upstream tungsten mines and APT is creating a backlog of inventory. If the demand side does not improve in June, it can only continue to supply more than It is difficult for the price to rebound.

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